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The famed 'Where for art thou' balcony in Verona where Juliet is said to have stood. Photo courtesy of Swide.

The famed ‘Where for art thou’ balcony in Verona where Juliet is said to have stood. Photo courtesy of Swide.

“Now Showing” is devoted to news, reviews and clips of outdoor-heavy and garden-rich films, TV series, live performances, exhibits, tours and other events. It’s easy to fall in love with Renaissance Italy in Julian Fellowes’ take on the classic tale.

Let’s forget for a moment that the original play never mentioned a balcony or that the tourist-swamped “Juliet balcony” wasn’t even built until the 20th century, for that matter (and never mind that critics and viewers say actors Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth are in above their heads, given the weight of the roles). The latest adaptation of the tragic Shakespearean saga of ill-fated young lovers from feuding families has as much appeal for lovers of historic architecture and outdoor splendor as for fans of costume dramas. Filmed in the well-preserved Italian cities of Verona and Mantua, Romeo & Juliet’s cinematography pays homage to sites little changed in centuries. In its spectacular backdrop of magnificent buildings, cobblestone streets, public squares, bridges, landscapes, gardens and sculpture, you can almost witness the romance, majesty and treachery for which these storied places are known.

Here’s the trailer:


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