Old Art Finds a New Purpose | The Floral Collages of Lauren Karnitz

Photo courtesy of Lauren Karnitz.

This and all photos courtesy of Lauren Karnitz.

A painter’s canvases’ second incarnations are geared toward the flower-loving crowd.

When Tennessee artist and photographer Lauren Kartitz sets out to create sculpture, she doesn’t reach for clay, marble or plaster. Instead, she scours usually untouched resources—other people’s cast-offs—for raw materials to craft flower creations that stand head and shoulders above the cheap plastic flora of days past. For her latest collection, though, she has taken a different approach: recycling past artwork into floral-inspired compositions. Karnitz, whose work “explores the extraordinary in our everyday lives” says she is “forever in debt to the beauty of natural landscape.” And it shows. Through careful cropping and selective arrangement, she has created unexpected, surreal new-old landscapes that speak to lovers of nature and flowers. “This new series of collages transforms old paintings into spirited vignettes with fresh context and energy,” Karnitz explains. “Curious lines and bold shapes engage the boundaries of the picture plane, encouraging the viewer to craft quirky narratives.” One-of-a-kind collages, $70 each; laurenkarnitz.com.


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