Garden Variety Has Big Plans


Personalized Aluminum Garden Sign by Plow & Hearth ($69.95). Image manipulation by Garden Variety.

Last week, we told you to expect some good news from us. Well, here it is. If you’ve liked what we’ve done with Garden Variety so far, there’s much more in store. We can think of nothing better than to bring GV readers more information and resources to help make a positive difference in your everyday life and in the greater world. So this spring, we plan to transition from a blog to full online magazine with the goal of providing much more daily content to inform, educate and inspire you to garden better, enjoy outdoor spaces, eat and drink well, lead a healthier lifestyle and make the planet a greener and cleaner place. You can expect fresh ideas, expert advice, exclusive articles, regional and local news, recipes, video content, interactive tools, social media connections and a stronger sense of community.

To achieve our goal, we have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund our re-imagination as a digital magazine.

It goes without saying that we really appreciate all the support and positivity that you have shown us by visiting, reading, liking and commenting on our work.

Thank you for being part of the experience. We look forward to serving you as a free publication for as long as you want us.

—The Editors


About The Editors of Garden Variety

The Magazine-style Daily Lifestyle Blog of Gardening, Outdoor Spaces and Natural Living.
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5 Responses to Garden Variety Has Big Plans

  1. Congratulations! I look forward to reading all about it! I soak up all gardening….

  2. bpmarcus says:

    Exciting! I’ve just “followed” and very much look forward to reading along!
    And, Thank You again for visiting and “liking” on “my father’s garden.”
    I’m touched by your comment!

    Happy New Year AND Spring-on-the-Way

  3. Congratulations! That’s terrific news. Looking forward to reading more.

  4. annie says:

    Fantastic…..looking forward to the new online magazine!

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