Bookworm | Plant This Instead! Better Plant Choices

Photo courtesy of Cool Springs Press.

Photo courtesy of Cool Springs Press.

A valuable resource guide for gardeners looking to expand their planting options.

Nashville-based garden designer Troy Marden knows a thing or two about selecting plants. For more than 25 years he has planned and installed virtually every kind in plant in outdoor spaces ranging from small plots to sprawling landscapes. His informative and useful new book, Plant This Instead! Better Plant Choices ($24.99, Cool Springs Press), encourages those in search of perfect plantings to “look past the usual suspects.” In its well organized pages, you will find plant options all to often overlooked by most gardeners, who tend to opt for the run-of-the-mill plants hawked by big-box stores and found in the majority of yards and gardens. Taking a one-by-one look at ever-popular but “overused” plants, Marden turns convention on its head by providing what he views as much-needed alternatives (including natives) that provide beauty, color, lasting blooms and drought tolerance.

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  1. frugalhen says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ll have to ad this one to my resource library! 🙂

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