MOM’s Organic Market Stands Against Lawn Chemicals

Image courtesy of MOM's Organic Market.

Image courtesy of MOM’s Organic Market.

A feisty organic food store dedicated to protecting and restoring the environment urges the public to say no to chemically-maintained lawns.

MOM’s Organic Market, a small, family-owned retailer with locations in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, is vocal in its opposition to things that pose a risk to human health and the environment. It has taken a stand against coal, crude oil, tobacco, bottled water and pesticide-dependent farming. Now, MOM has set its sights on  lawn-care chemicals. In an effort to educate consumers about the impact of toxic weed killers, the green-focused company has launched a Save the Dandelions! Campaign and is encouraging its customers to embrace naturally-grown grass and drop off unwanted lawn chemicals at its stores for safe disposal. Through March 23.

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