The Wonders of Acacias |Ornamental Trees for the Garden


Acacias (Mimosa/Wattle) is a hardy species of trees commonly found in subtropical and tropical regions such as Africa, Australia, Central America and Mexico. They can also be found in California, Hawaii and South Carolina landscapes.

Countless Australian acacias (wattles) are cultivated as small trees and utilized in garden landscapes because of their for their eye-catching qualities, such as globe-shaped flowers which are generally yellow, but can also range from off white to silver;  leaves which are long and feathery and extensive seeds pods.

The trees are fast growers and can reach a high of 40 feet. The downfall is they have a short life span of 15 to 30 years. Certain acacias species are harvested commercially (bark/gum) for the production of pharmaceuticals,  furniture (the wood is relatively inexpensive, but is strong and hard) and other products.

Two popular species that can be used as a architectural plant in a garden landscape (warm, hot and dry regions – full sun is needed):

Sweet acacia (V. farnesiana) – a flowering native of the southwestern part of the US, this variety has a bush like spiny form with aromatic blossoms.

Cootamundra wattle (Acacia baileyana) – this variety is also known for its yellow flower clusters which attract pollinators and birds. It is typically used as a screening plant.

Acacia plants are deer resistant but the leaves can be affected by anthracnose and the bark can be damaged goat moths



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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Acacia dealbata might be the most noxious of the invasive exotic specie in Santa Cruz County! We also have a variety of brooms, pampas grass and blue gum eucalyptus, but the combined acacias might be the most wicked of all.

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