The Trumpet Vine | A Way to Add Beauty to Your Garden


The Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans) is a fast growing, tenacious climbing vine native to the southeast region of the US. This hardy perennial is also known as trumpet creeper and produces large, tubular and stunningly beautiful flowers with colors ranging from orange to scarlet.  The plant’s vines are deciduous, enterprising and compact and rootlets cling almost any surface.

Trumpet vines make a perfect and beautiful screen plant if grown against extremely sturdy trellises, pergolas, arbors and fences (requires a lot of room and the vines can get heavy). You can also include trumpet vines in most naturalistic landscapes or woodland gardens, however, it spreads aggressively by underground runners and self seeds in abundance (growing up to 40 feet in height), so introduce it carefully. Consistent control of this vine is a must.

Trumpet vine is a favorite of nectar-seeking hummingbirds as well as certain bees. It is also the host plant for larva of the Trumpet Vine Sphinx Moth (Paratraea plebeja). Trumpet vine is deer-resistant and drought tolerant. It benefits from average soil and has regular watering needs. It prefers full sun for consistent and abundant flowering but can also be grown in part shade. The flowers typically bloom in late summer to early fall.

* The sap of this plant can cause skin irritation on contact.

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1 Response to The Trumpet Vine | A Way to Add Beauty to Your Garden

  1. tonytomeo says:

    These are so spectacular in bloom, but like so many vines, can really get into trouble if not contained!

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