Patagonian Groundsel | A Hardy Evergreen Shrub for Your Garden


Dick Culbert

Patagonian Groundsel Tree, also known as Patagonian Sea Myrtle (Baccharis patagonica), is a frost-hardy, fall-flowering evergreen shrub originating from South America — Chile and Argentina (Patagonia). 

Known for its versatility as a mounding hedge or a thick, matting ground cover, Baccharis has a strong, binding root system, which makes it perfect for stabilizing steep slopes. Baccharis creeping habit can also make a fetching addition to rock crevices.

Baccharis can reach a height and spread of 9 feet spread, and prefers full sun. Baccharis can be grown successfully in zones 7-10. It’s very slow-growing, but is comfortable in a variety of well-draining soils, and most notably thrives in moist coastal areas.

A low maintenance plant that benefits from hard pruning, it produces fragrant white and cream-colored flowers from showy red stems in late spring and early summer. Plants can easily be grown from seeds (surface sown in 1-2 weeks) or semi green cuttings taken in late summer. Male and female plants are needed to produce viable seeds for collection.

Gardener looking for an easy-to-care-for green addition sprinkled with color and a pleasant fragrance will find it in this cold-tolerant plant.

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2 Responses to Patagonian Groundsel | A Hardy Evergreen Shrub for Your Garden

  1. Cain Mark says:

    I found the information for the evergreen shrub very detailed and up to the point. Thank you for sharing this work with fellow gardeners.
    Keep sharing more articles on fall gardening and maintenance.

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