Crimson Glory Vine | A Way to Add Decorative Foliage to the Garden

The Crimson Glory Vine (vitis coignetiae) is a deciduous and vigorous climber that originates from Japan and Korea.

This ornamental grape vine can reach an impressive 30 to 60 feet, and can successfully be grown in zones 4-8. It needs sturdy support via walls, fences or even trees to showcase its stunning beauty.

This runner requires full sun for optimum growth but can tolerate light shade. It prefers rich, loamy, well-draining soil and has moderate watering needs. The vine produces tendrils and flowers in June to July, and bears small, inedible black berries. The leaves turn brilliant shades of crimson-scarlet in the fall, adding a seasonal wave of color.

Like many of its cousins, the Crimson Glory Vine can also used a ground cover if provided with full sun. The plants can be grown from layering and hardwood cuttings. It usually takes 1-2 years to establish new growth from cuttings. The vines benefit from pruning in winter while dormant, but are slow to establish new growth (it takes 1-2 years).

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