Silver Wattle | A Flowering Evergreen for the Garden

By SABENCIA Bertu Ordiales – Bertu Ordiales y Guillermo César Ruiz. Guía de los árboles d’Asturies. Ediciones Trabe. (2007), CC BY-SA 4.0,

Silver Wattle (Acacia dealbata)

A hardy, fasting-growing deciduous tree, silver wattle (mimosa) is native to Australia and Tasmania, but is widely cultivated in Mediterranean or tropical landscapes due to its ability to thrive in both dry and wet conditions. Silver wattle is considered an invasive species in the state of California and parts of Australia. *

Mature Silver wattle trees can grow up to 50 ft tall (40 ft spread) and they feature a high, rounded shape. It typically flowers in late winter or early spring and showcases yellow, heady fragrant flowers. Silver wattle prefers well-draining light loamy soil and full sun (it cannot tolerate any shade). Silver wattle is hardy in USDA Zones 9-10.

Silver wattle is deer resistant but can suffer from several diseases and pests such as root rot, leaf/fire blight, borers and thrips. Although ground planted or potted Silver wattle trees can resist short bouts of cold a layer of organic mulch should be added around the base and horticultural fleece wrapped around the tree. In cold climates, potted trees should be brought indoors for the winter and placed in a cool spot.

*Suggestion: Due to its invasiveness, silver wattle should be grown in a container/pot. This will help control spreading roots/sucks and with deadheading spent flowers so the tree can’t produce seeds which can be spread by birds.

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1 Response to Silver Wattle | A Flowering Evergreen for the Garden

  1. Barb Gorges says:

    Deadheading is not a reliable way to keep birds from spreading an invasive plant.

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