Purple Berkheya | A Fast-growing South African Garden Perennial

Purple Berkheya (Berkheya purpurea)

An unusual but fascinating ornamental beauty, purple berkheya (aka Zulu Warrior) is a perennial flowering plant native to South Africa. Purple berkheya is a versatile grower, hardy to US Zones 6b-11 and features prickly stems with green pointed leaves and provides showy, purple/lavender daisy-like flowers which bloom during the summer months. Berkyeya is very hardy (virtually disease and pest free) and resistant to both drought and deer and attracts pollinating insects like bees.

Purple berkheya plants can reach a size from 2-3 ft in height and 1-2 ft in width. The plants greatly benefit from full sun and well draining, average to nutrient rich soil. Their watering needs are moderate (once a week during summer). The plants produce an outpouring of flowers if their watering needs are met and they enjoy a light application of balanced fertilizer or compost during early spring.

Due their uniqueness, purple berkheya would make a stunning addition to most architectural garden possibly as border plants against evergreen shrubs or ornamental grasses as well as focus drawing large containers or urns.

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