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Companion Planting Tips for Organic Garden Pest Control

Canadian pro gardener and GV contributor A.H. Jackson offers a few companion planting organic pest control options for keeping bad bugs at bay.

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The Mole Man | Controlling Moles in the Garden and Lawn

Considered one of the worst pests in the lawn and garden, moles destroy beds, roots, grass while eating their body weight in insects and worms daily. International horticulturist Mike Alexander shares his experience dealing with the destructive creatures.

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Something in the Air | Stink Bugs Move From Garden to Home

It’s no secret that stink bugs have voracious appetites that leave boreholes in everything from tomatoes, peppers and soybeans to apples, peaches and grapes. But as Editor-at-Large Therese Ciesinski explains, the smelly little insects also have a taste for home, … Continue reading

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