In Store | Door to Door Organics

Photo courtesy of Door to Door Organics.

Photo courtesy of Door to Door Organics.

In Store introduces new, interesting and must-visit online shops and bricks-and- mortar retail stores. This time up, a delivery gateway for local organic foods.

The online marketplace Door to Door Organics, which functions as a portal to local organic farmers and natural grocery retailers in parts of the United States, has expanded its service to the New York City borough of Staten Island, extending its reach into the ever-growing market for organic and locally produced food.

“Consumers are exceptionally busy and often do not have the time to travel to several different food stores to seek out natural and organic foods,” said Chad Arnold, Door to Door Organics CEO. “Now…families can easily plan and shop for local ingredients to make healthy recipes while also learning about and supporting nearby farms and small businesses that create the fabric of the community.”

The site has made a name for itself over the last few years by delivering “fresh, high-quality organic, natural and local food” to individuals, offices and schools in Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Delaware, and plans a deeper nationwide push in 2014.

Highly regarded as one of the best and most reliable services of its kind, Door to Door Organics likely has a new crop of customers eagerly awaiting its arrival in their area.

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