Scent of a Woman | Organic Perfumes That Grow on You (And in Soil)

Photo courtesy of A Perfume Organic.

Photo courtesy of A Perfume Organic.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, sustainable fragrances by A Perfume Organic.

For those who use them, a hint of store-bought fragrance adds romantic, come-hither appeal. Today, more perfume wearers opt for something made from more earth-friendly natural ingredients instead of toxic chemical cocktails. Some of the most easy on the body and the planet are the carefully crafted USDA certified-organic fragrances by Amanda Walker. Her small-batch, hand-poured botanical blends are free of harmful synthetic solvents, dyes, alcohol and pesticides. Plus, they’re PETA certified vegan and never tested on animals. And, as a surprise bonus, their recycled packages are embedded with seeds and can actually be planted—they sprout flowers. Our favorite scent: Mejica, a mix of vanilla, coconut, nutmeg and resins with unmistakable feminine notes.

$65; available at a number of online retailers and at

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3 Responses to Scent of a Woman | Organic Perfumes That Grow on You (And in Soil)

  1. Lyric Gems says:

    wow, i would smell delicious. I especially like to smell of coconut. 🙂

  2. Bright Star Farmer says:

    What a great resource. Thanks for sharing!

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