My Japanese Knotweed Garden Nightmare….



Re-adapted from my sister blog: Anna’s Gardening Antics and Musings

Greetings my fellow gardeners. Thirteen years ago I purchased a beautiful old home with a tiny yard full of miscellaneous shrubs and unusual mystery plants.  I had lovely thoughts of creating a private haven of flowering vines, small fruits trees and edibles, similar to my late grandmother’s garden. I had very little knowledge at that time about gardening, so I read hundreds of books, watched gardening videos and took various classes for over a year.

The following Spring, I emerged outside with my gardening gear, ready to clean up the yard when I noticed several tall, red stalks protruding from the ground next to a concrete pad where a garage once stood. Uncertain of it’s identity, I shrugged and continued my yard work. Two weeks later, my curiosity became relentless so I took of picture of the stalks…now a good 4 feet tall and looking a bit like bamboo and sent a picture to our local extension office. Soon I received bad news, it was Japanese Knotweed.

Thus, a 11 year battle has ensued and it is ongoing as you can see. Because of the concrete pad, it has remained in a small area. At the end of the summer, the bees descend on the tiny  flowers and the birds eat the seeds.

A few more facts about this invasive weed:

Japansese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica)

  • Originated from Asia and was introduced to the US in the 1800’s as a ornamental
  • Has rhizome runners that can extend 60 feet
  • Can grow under any conditions and is listed as one of the world’s most invasive species

I have tried nearly everything to combat it organically. Next Spring, I am going to try something new.  Because it is invasive, you have to be extremely careful handling it and with it’s disposal. I have included several links to provide you with more information.


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8 Responses to My Japanese Knotweed Garden Nightmare….

  1. Home's Cool! says:

    Rather pretty. However, pretty is as pretty does. So sorry!

  2. Home's Cool! says:

    Oh, I meant to add: Kudzu, Honeysuckle, and Privet also were gifts to us from Japan. But at least those three have good medicinal herbal uses. Not sure about knotweed…

  3. My sympathies and I hope you win the war. 🙂

  4. How awful! This stuff is a nightmare! I have a new gardening/outdoor Linky party is you would like to join with a post (old or new).


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